Welcome to Mike's Donkeys

Thank you for visiting the award-winning Mike's Donkeys. Our healthy, happy donkeys are cherished members of our family and have brought happiness to thousands of people.

We provide donkeys for all manner of occasions, from fetes to tv work, weddings to corporate events, theatre appearances to parties. We have worked for the BBC, Amazon, ITV, Sky, Facebook, Entertainment One, Renault, Esther Rantzen and The National Trust, to name just a few.

In addition to the above, we have extensive experience providing specially-trained donkeys for care home visits, special needs schools and educational days.

Mike's Donkeys is based in Carmarthenshire, west Wales. Our donkeys travel in specially adapted boxes and trailers, in which they are free to move around, eat and drink. They are closely monitored and are very happy travellers.

Please take a look around our website to see how we can help bring you a touch of donkey magic - whatever your requirements.

donkeys for hire for film, theatre, photo shoots and tv work Donkeys for Film, TV and Photo Shoots

We regularly provide donkeys for film, theatre productions, television work, photo shoots and promotional events. Clients have included Entertainment One, Sky and the BBC.
Indoors or outdoors - no request is too bonkers for us, providing it is safe for the donkeys!