Wood for Winter Warmth

During the summer we can all enjoy the long hot days. Mike's Donkeys also share this enjoyment as they love to work.

When winter is upon us we need to keep warm. Although Mike's Donkeys are still busy providing rides in the run up to and during the mid-winter festivities, at other times they are set to work in woodland, where Mike collects wood to supply domestic customers. It keeps Mike and his donkeys active, and us warm.

The donkeys can help remove the timber from woodland in carts as they can access areas where it would be difficult or destructive to take vehicles. They enjoy the work and the opportunity to get out of the barn during the winter months.

Mike only fells timber as part of a required thinning process to maintain healthy woodlands, or to remove trees that have become dangerous.

If you live in south west Wales, have a Rayburn, Aga, stove or open fire, and would like deliveries of excellent firewood, get in touch. Mike will cut the wood to the lengths you require and delivery it by trailer load.

Remember, burning wood is much better for the environment than burning coal. Wood, when burnt, only releases the amount of CO2 that it took in whilst growing. Unlike fossil fuels, wood is carbon neutral.

Please phone Mike on 07779 692092 to discuss your requirements and arrange delivery