Donkeys for Parties

In this day and age there seems to be a lot of competition to organise events with a difference for children's parties.

Why not let Mike's Donkeys join in the celebrations and give your child and their friends a party to remember - with donkey rides for all?

The children can get to know the donkeys, stroke and cuddle them and enjoy having rides.

Of course, our donkeys can come along to parties and celebrations for all ages, adding a magical dimension for the children attending.

They are calm and gentle creatures who love all the attention they can get.

The donkeys are supervised at all times by our experienced staff and we provide protective headgear, if required, for the riders

You don’t need to own a field to have a donkey party. We can come to your garden or even set up camp in your garage if the weather is bad! We take away any unwanted ‘presents’ the donkeys may leave and because they are unshod, they don’t make a mess of any well-cared for lawns.

Please bear in mind that for animal welfare reasons only persons under 16 years of age and eight stone in weight may ride the donkeys.

Our Donkeys at Parties