Mike Thomas

Mike founded Mike's Donkeys in 2002. He had worked in a quarry for years, teaching people how to drive the heavy machinery, before being diagnosed with cancer. Mike became seriously ill and nearly died. Shortly after he recovered, he saw Bella for sale at a market, fell in love with her and brought her home. When she was old enough, he decided to change his direction in life and start doing donkey rides. Mike then found Josh and Charlie in really poor condition, rehabilitated them and added them to the team. Mike's Donkeys started off on a beach in South Wales, before becoming the UK-wide business it is today. There is not a county in England and Wales that Mike’s Donkeys have not visited and he's covered most of Scotland too! It's hard to tell what he’s most proud of; founding Mike's Donkeys or founding and being the first captain of Mynyddygarreg Rugby Club, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Liz Hughes

Liz bought donkeys from Mike years ago and now allows us to use her base in Peterborough for some of our workers when we’re in the area. Liz covers the Peterborough/Cambridge/Newmarket areas for us. She is a full-time primary school teacher and has her own donkeys, ponies, sheep and dog so her life is very full-on but she has an enormous amount of patience and does a great job when she works for us in the holidays and at weekends.

Sheila Bowden

Sheila is the newest member of the Mike's Donkeys team. She joined in 2015 and one of her first jobs was to take a donkey on stage in a theatre, so we did throw her in at the deep end. Sheila has her own beautiful Friesian horses and is a keen driver. Sheila's favourite donkey is Coco and we're hoping she will be doing a lot of work in Wales with him and the gang this year.

Andrew Jenkins

Jenkins does some jobs for us and also is in charge of looking after the donkeys at home when Mike is on the road. He likes to be paid in pies, cigars and whiskey and takes his health very seriously!

Philip Morgan - Vet

Philip has been Mike's vet for years and has done everything from castrations to stitching wounds, teeth to foaling. There isn't a lot Philip hasn't seen and he's always at the end of the phone if we're worried about a donkey.

Annie Dobson

Annie does our admin and holds the business together. She has been involved with Mike's Donkeys from the very beginning and is responsible for getting all the necessary information for each job so that we all know what’s going on. She is pretty much unflappable and has to deal with many panicked phone calls daily during peak season! Annie lives with her husband Robbie up a bumpy track on a smallholding in rural Wales from where they started their website design business, Arcania, in 1996 - this site being one of the many they have produced and maintain. They also run the Petal Pot, supplying real flower petal confetti for weddings by mail-order.