Film, TV and Photo Shoots

We regularly provide donkeys for film and television work and also for photo shoots and promotional events.

Here is Charlie with Ricky Gervais - on the set of ITV This Morning

Our donkeys have stood outside Buckingham Palace to promote the film 'Nativity 3, Dude Where's My Donkey' for Entertainment One. They have been on ITV This Morning and met Ricky Gervais. We have provided a donkey for Sky to use in Stella, and Josh and Charlie starred in the Christmas episode of Casualty for the BBC.

If you have a project you need a donkey for, give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and recommend a suitable donkey(s). We have donkeys of different colours and sizes who are used to going into studios and can go into lifts when access is an issue.

No request is too bonkers for us, providing it is safe for the donkeys!

All the donkeys we provide are licenced as working donkeys and we are obviously insured. We can provide individual risk assessments for each job and we ensure we provide a donkey who is trained and confident to do the specific tasks required. The welfare of our donkeys is our main priority and we will bring everything they need with us to the job.

ITV This Morning - December 2014

We were hired by ITV to supply a donkey for their nativity on two dates in December 2014. Charlie duly did the job and was his usual unflappable self, going up and down in the lift for rehearsals, his performances and also to honour a special request from Ricky Gervais to meet him.

He also hobnobbed with Union J, Philip Schofiield, Amanda Holden, Phil Vickery, Rylan and Agony Aunt Denise.

View the pictures in the slideshow below.

  • Ricky Gervais is left holding the reins

  • Charlie getting his make up done

  • Waiting to go in the lift at the ITV studios

  • Charlie meets Denise the Agony Aunt at ITV

  • Charlie putting a smile on Ricky Gervais' face

  • On the telly!!

  • Rylan and Charlie share a dentist

  • Union J

Wild Life Drawing Session

Dermot and Charlie were booked for a Wild Life Drawing session in a studio in Central London. They were required to stand as still a possible (it wasn't ideal when they decided to do a bit of mutual grooming!!) whilst budding artists sketched them.

The class was a big success and we are looking to provide donkeys for a repeat booking in the near future.

View the pictures in the slideshow below.

  • Arriving at the studio to meet the class

  • Taking centre stage

  • A mutual grooming session was obviously called for

Entertainment One - Nativity 3 Dude Where's My Donkey Promotion

Mike's Donkeys were hired in 2014 to provide a donkey to promote the third film in the Nativity series, Dude Where's my Donkey.

Charlie was an absolute superstar, coolly walking around London and standing without being held in front of Selfridges, Buckingham Palace, Somerset House and on Westminster Bridge.

View the pictures in the slideshow below.

  • Outside Buckingham Palace

  • Somerset House shot

  • Another picture outside Somerset House

Sky TV - Stella

Danny set off into the Welsh Valleys to star in an episode of Stella. He had to stand around for rehearsals and then do take after take. Thankfully the script was very entertaining!

View the pictures in the slideshow below.

  • Danny in his 'trailer' on the set of Stella

  • Filming the 'action'.

BBC - Casualty

The 2012 Christmas Episode of Casualty starred two of our donkeys, Josh and Charlie, as part of their emergency on a farm yard plot.

Our donkeys at other media events