Educational Visits


The benefits of children interacting positively with animals are becoming more and more apparent. Looking after animals teaches responsibility and empathy. Animals don't judge people as humans do and therefore interacting with them really encourages a child to lose his/her inhibitions and be themselves.

Getting children out of the classroom and encouraging them to interact and ask questions with the donkeys stood there, leads to a memorable lesson. The educational talk can be as in depth as required. We always make it fun and the questions that follow are normally enthusiastic. The children love to hear about Charlie's appearances on Strictly Come Dancing, Casualty and Ceebeebies, as well as Dermot's starring role in Citizen Khan.

Sometimes children haven't seen a donkey before, particularly in city schools. We feel these wonderful animals have so much to offer and we love to be able to show children what they're all about.

What we do

We run educational days or half days nationwide. During these visits the children are given a talk about the donkeys. This talk can be themed depending upon what the children are studying at the time (i.e. emphasis on religion, animal welfare, origins of the donkey, the donkey's role in society etc.) and we finish it with a question and answer session.

The talk is made as interactive, interesting and humorous as possible. The children are shown the donkeys' teeth and feet. We share interesting facts about them and what they need. We talk about our rescue donkeys and the assisted-therapy work that they do.

Following the talk, the children are all able to ask their questions and then interact with the donkeys.


Our donkeys are specifically selected to be reliable, patient and gentle around children. They are absolute saints and their gentleness has to be seen to be believed.

We normally bring three donkeys and the children will each be able to brush the donkeys, hold them whilst the others are grooming and then take them for a walk. We can teach them how to pick out the hooves, how to put a saddle on, how to make the donkeys walk and stop.

It's lovely to see the children's amazement when they find they are in total control of the donkey and it is doing exactly as they ask.

Outdoors or indoors

The excitement a donkey educational day brings to the children never fails to amaze us.

We often pull up in the lorry to screams and excitement from the playground reminiscent of the Beatles era!

We can run the visits in the playground or on the field.

If we have prior warning, we can bring our specially trained assisted-therapy donkeys who can be based in the classroom in the event of bad weather.

Tailored to your requirements

Our educational visits can be tailored to meet your requirements. Depending upon the location of the school we may be able to bring a foal with us.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to bring a touch of donkey magic to the classroom and give the children a day to remember!

Telephone: Mike - 07779 692092 / Kelly - 07813 165755

Our Credentials

  • all staff have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates
  • we are fully insured for Public Liability
  • we are fully licensed for working donkeys