Easter Celebrations

In the story of Jesus in the Gospels of the Christian Bible, he enters Jerusalem a week before his resurrection riding on a donkey.

It has been suggested that the symbolism of the donkey may refer to the fact that it is an animal of peace in Eastern traditions - if a king came riding on a horse, he was bent on war, if he rode a donkey he was declaring that he came in peace.

Our donkeys are very accustomed to leading Palm Sunday processions all over the country on the Sunday before Easter.

They have done everything from parades in Central London to carrying Jesus through Exeter high street and into the Cathedral. They are used to busy traffic, crowds and going inside buildings.

Our donkeys are multi-taskers. Once the procession has reached the church they can remain outside so that everyone attending can say hello. They are also quite happy to enter the church if required and can give rides after the procession.

Our Donkeys at Easter Celebrations