Our Champion Dennis and his family

Dennis was born in August 2002, the first foal I had from Bella and Paddy, and I thought it was about time I had a page dedicated to him and the other members of his family.

He is a very affectionate donkey with a wonderful temperament and always wants to be chosen to go to work. He is also a fine champion, winning his first award at the age of five, details of which can be found by clicking here.

Here he is meeting another dignitary, the mayor of Kidwelly.

I bought Paddy in 2001, he came from Ireland.

It was Liz Ellis from the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary who spotted him and advised me that he would make a good stud donkey.

Liz was spot-on. His offspring are superb animals, and I have never looked back since getting him.

Paddy is dad to Dennis.

Bella was my first ever donkey.

I bought her as a yearling in 1999 for my boy, Rhys.

Bella is mum to Dennis, Frankie and Morris.

Frankie, on the right in this picture, is a true sister to Dennis.

She is seen here with her mum, Bella, on the left, and her dad is Paddy.

Frankie was born in November 2006.

This is Morris, a true brother to Dennis, his parents being Bella and Paddy.

Morris was born in June 2008.

Jenny is not related to Dennis but is in foal to Paddy so the result will be half-sibling for him and I suppose this will technically make her his step-mother.

This picture was taken on September 28, 2010 and as you can see she's ready to foal.

Jenny was born in 2000 and I bought her for her colour and temperament. Dark, chocolatey donkeys are my favourite and are recommended by the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary for working donkeys as they don't suffer from sunburn like light coloured donkeys can.

Maldwyn, step-brother to Dennis

Maldwyn, three days old here - born 09/10/10

Bella and her new foal, a brother to Dennis

Four days old here - born 21/05/11