About Us

Our Donkeys

Our donkeys, when they are not working, spend their time relaxing with their friends in large, grassy fields with open access to shelters. In the winter they are housed in warm stables filled with straw and provided with good quality hay and hard feed. They generally have about three months a year off and we aim to work each donkey no more than four times a week.

When they are working, like all donkeys, they love the attention they receive and a healthy, working donkey is a very happy donkey indeed. All of our donkeys are much-loved individuals with their own likes, dislikes and personalities. They have been selected for their fantastic temperaments and it brings us great pleasure to see the happiness they bring to those who meet them.

To keep Mike and his donkeys both warm and busy in the winter, Mike supplies firewood locally in Wales with the donkeys enjoying working in the woods alongside him to move the timber out.

Donkey Welfare

The welfare of all the donkeys is of utmost importance and Mike would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary for all the help and assistance they have given him in achieving and maintaining high standards of donkey welfare.

Donkey Sanctuary representatives inspect our donkeys on occasions throughout the year and they are regularly checked over by the vet, visited by the farrier and have check-ups with the dentist to ensure they are fit and healthy and in top condition.

For welfare reasons a donkey should not be sold before it is six months old, not be ridden until it is four years old and only children under seven stone should be permitted to ride, in keeping with Donkey Sanctuary regulations.

donkey bed and breakfast

Donkey Bed and Breakfast

Since we travel all over the UK with our donkeys we make sure to arrange overnight accommodation for both them and our handlers when necessary.

This picture shows the donkeys relaxing in the lovely stable at Hornton Grounds B&B in Banbury after a day's work providing rides at Fairfield Special School in Northampton.

Distance is no object for our donkeys as they are all very happy travellers!

We are fully insured for public liability, have a full operator's licence, Enhanced Criminal Record Certificates (for working with children and vulnerable adults) and British Driving Society Certificate of Competence (transport of horses, donkeys, ponies, mules).